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Welcome to Jabez Properties

At Jabez Properties, we believe in providing quality, affordable homes that delight our customers. In order to do this, we strive to ensure that qualified professionals are engaged during the construction process and that construction materials of good quality and which meet recommended building standards are used.

We also seek to adopt modern construction processes that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Some of the unique features that we offer in our buildings and which promote green construction concepts include:

  • Modern bio-digester systems that utilise efficient and effective waste management methods which are environmentally friendly.
  • Provision for solar water heating which is integrated within the building and which can be used to conserve energy.
  • Provision for solar lighting in the most commonly used rooms such as the living room, kitchen, etc which can supplement the mains power supply especially during power blackouts.
  • Underground water tank specially constructed using water proofing systems which in addition to storing extra water from the main water supply, also allows rain-water harvesting to take place during the rainy seasons.


Upper Kapiti Plains Estate

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